Meet Jacqueline Wharton — Verve Support Squad Member

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Image of Jacqueline Wharton
Verve Support Squad Member

Did you know that over 60% of women who go through a divorce or separation experience financial hardship?* As a divorce and separation consultant, Jacqueline Wharton has set out to reduce the negative impact divorce can have on women and improve the outcomes for her clients going through a separation.

After going through a divorce herself, Jacqueline knows first-hand the emotional and financial strain that separation can have. This experience prompted Jacqueline to found her business Separation and Divorce Advisors in 2011. Since then she has supported over one nine hundred clients through separation. Her experience, knowledge and expertise are the reasons we have partnered with Jacqueline as the Verve Support Squad Divorce & Separation Expert.

Jacqueline has identified divorce and separation as a pivotal moment for women to secure both short-term and long-term wealth. After witnessing the struggles many women face as they attempt to leave difficult, and sometimes abusive relationships, Jacqueline helps to ensure her clients leave a relationship with what is fair and equitable. While the short-term experience of separation can be challenging, Jacqueline believes that using this time to reassess your goals and carve out a new path can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on your future.

Known for her empathy and honest counsel, Jacqueline provides much-needed guidance to individuals and couples in a relationship crisis. If you are a Verve Super member she can support you to:

Better understand the family law system, including principles and processes
Clarify ideal separation outcomes and identify the legal considerations relating to your situation
Prepare a divorce strategy and help plan your next steps if you proceed with divorce or separation
While Jacqueline’s role as a divorce and separation strategist differs from that of a divorce lawyer or financial planner, she is known for her ability to provide support to navigate the process; this includes supporting some of her clients to take on their own DIY Divorce (ie. a divorce without lawyers).

Jacqueline is ready to empower Verve members through knowledge, support, and strategy during times of separation and divorce.

If you are an active Verve member you can book time with Jacqueline here.



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