First Nations podcasts to listen to right now

Resonating echoes: First Nations podcasts to listen to right now 

by Verve

These podcasts provide opportunities to listen to First Nations voices, learn about their experiences, and gain a deeper understanding of the diverse cultures and perspectives within Australia’s First Nations communities.

Here are 10 First Nations podcasts from Australia that offer diverse perspectives, storytelling and insights:

Voices of Power

The series explores critical turning points in the fight for rights and self-determination; and for meaningful First Nations’ representation in places of power.

Karajarri wankayi muwarr

This podcast series follows the story of the Karajarri people of the Kimberley region in Western Australia as they reconnect with cultural heritage material in the AIATSIS Collection. This is a story about resilience and cultural resurgence. The podcast series Karajarri wankay muwarr (‘keeping Karajarri language and stories alive’) is part of the AIATSIS research project Preserve, Strengthen and Renew in community.

Truth Telling with Lidia Thorpe

Lidia Thorpe, a Djabwurrung Gunnai Gunditjmara woman, takes the spotlight in this podcast. As the first Aboriginal Federal Senator for Victoria, she engages in heartfelt conversations with First Nations Elders and Activists, shedding light on the injustices faced by First Nations communities and highlighting the power of self-determination through impactful policy changes. Join Senator Lidia Thorpe as she weaves together stories of resilience, hope, and the transformative potential of collective action.

Indigenous Health MedTalk

Vital Insights on Wellness, Innovation, and Empowerment. Dr. Danielle Arabena, the trailblazing Medical Educator, leads engaging conversations with health innovators and community leaders, covering women’s and men’s health, family well-being, mental health, sexual health, and groundbreaking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander initiatives. 


The Ultimate Podcast for Truth, Politics, and Activism. From the Aboriginal Tent Embassy to federal elections, voting rights, and Invasion Day, this podcast delves deep into the pressing issues that shape First Nations communities. Engage with powerful discussions on truth-telling, black politics, and grassroots protests that will leave you informed and inspired

Coming Out, Blak

Must-Listen Podcast Celebrating First Nations LGBTQ+ Voices. Hosted by Matika Little and Courtney Hagen, this empowering series showcases interviews with guests who share their triumphs, experiences and insights. From drag artist Jojo Zaho’s journey to growing up as a young, gay and First Nations man in a regional town, this thought-provoking podcast is a true blessing for your ears.

Black Magic Woman With Mundanara Bayles

A Must-Listen Podcast for Engaging Conversations with First Nations Leaders. Hosted by Mundanara Bayles, this captivating series offers insights into the rich culture and history of First Nations people. From Wiradjuri elder Uncle David Bell to Reconciliation Australia CEO Karen Mundine and Dr. Anita Heiss, this podcast is a treat that will expand your understanding. 

Yarning Up With Caroline Kell

An Insightful Podcast Amplifying First Nations Voices. Hosted by proud Mbarbrum woman Caroline Kell, this brilliant series offers compelling conversations with First Nations leaders, creators, activists, and entrepreneurs. With guests like lifestyle coach Jeffrey Morgan and Yarli Creative founder Madison Connors, Kell and her guests unravel Australia’s history, fostering learning and unlearning. Tune in to Yarning Up now for a powerful journey

Wild Black Women

Hosted by Chelsea Bond and Angelina Hurley, this podcast offers frank and funny discussions on contemporary issues impacting First Nations women in Australia.

Tiddas 4 Tiddas

Hosted by four First Nations women, this podcast celebrates the achievements, challenges, and stories of inspirational Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

Always Was, Always Will Be Our Stories

This podcast explores the rich cultural heritage and stories of First Nations Australians, featuring interviews with individuals from various communities and backgrounds.

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