International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women with The Centre for Women & Co

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women with The Centre for Women & Co

by Verve

This year on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we’re highlighting The Centre for Women & Co – an amazing organisation with the vision to achieve social justice for all women by promoting equity, respect, safety and diversity in our communities. These are their words…

Violence against women in all its forms is well-known across the globe

We all know the horrific statistics. We all know the gendered nature of violence truly does exist. Yet, all too often, survivors are silent and hide in the shadows of shame. Because, as a society, we have allowed violence against women to become normalised.

As a society, we have allowed violence against women to be a ‘far away’ issue. We think it only happens to certain kinds of women, in certain suburbs, with certain men. Because of this dominant type of thinking, we have let down survivors of violence.

We have victim-blamed – implicitly and overtly – which has taken all onus away from the perpetrator. We have met survivors who speak up with deaf ears and pushed them back into a corner. We have told women they are lying because their trauma makes them emotional, and as a society, we like people to fit in neat little boxes.

This isn’t a far-away issue. It is happening everywhere.

The societal norm and what is socially acceptable are dependent on, well, society. We are all part of society. If we all mumble about violence against women and dismiss it as a far-away issue, it will continue to be acceptable because nothing is stopping it. There’s no levy to stop the flood of victim-blaming, rape apologists and trauma dismissal.

Today is a day to bring violence against women out into the light. It is a day to remember the phenomenal scale of this global issue. To remember that YOU can make a difference and have impact that will be forever felt. It is a day to start changing how we see, think and respond to violence against women and today is that day.

When someone doubts a survivor’s story, call it out.

When someone blames a survivor for the violence, call it out.

When someone makes excuses for the perpetrator, call it out.

A future without violence is possible.

It starts with each of us deciding to call out violence, believe survivors, change what we accept as normal. Big change starts with the smallest ripple. We, as women, are powerful, especially when we all work together, the collective ripples will cause a tsunami of change, and gosh are we here for it!

If anything in this has raised negative emotions, experiences or concerns for you, please reach out:

The Centre for Women & Co. 07 3050 3060

Womensline 1800 811 811

Lifeline 13 11 14



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