How do I move my current super?

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You can request to transfer your balance from another super fund as part of the online join process or by contacting us. Once you have made the request, we will get in touch with your other fund to initiate the transfer of your super across to your Verve account. A request to transfer your whole balance will automatically close your old account. Any insurance cover or other benefits linked to your previous fund account will cease at this time.

If you wish to transfer a portion or the total of your balance from another fund to your Verve Super account, simply call us on 1300 799 482 or send an email to

Alternatively, complete the Rollover Form and enter the exact amount you’d like to transfer in the space provided on the rollover form. A partial transfer may mean that you keep any insurance cover or other benefits linked to your original account. However, it’s best to check with the other super fund before requesting the transfer, if you’re unsure.

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