The power of superannuation can
drive social change

Imagine using the $2.9 trillion power of superannuation to drive change. At Verve, our Gender Lens Investing approach takes into consideration gender-based factors across the investment process to advance gender equality & inclusion and better inform investment decisions.

Gender Equality - Verve Super - Good thing to do

It's the good thing to do

Investing in companies doing the right thing by women, our society and planet feels good. 96% of Verve members said it’s important to invest in companies creating a good workplace for women.

Gender Equality - Verve Super - Smart thing to do

It's the smart thing to do

Investing in companies that perform well on gender diversity & inclusion is smart – with research linking a company’s performance on gender equality to financial performance.

Gender Equality - Verve Super - Huge opportunity

It's a huge opportunity

 Investing can drive corporate change. We take a stance against those doing wrong. Seek out those leading in diversity & inclusion. And, we invest in creating positive outcomes for women.

Gender Equality and Inclusion Index - Women

Companies that take gender equality seriously found to outperform over 3 year period

Verve’s Gender Equality Index is used to help guide Verve’s investment decisions in Australian companies. Our index of top-performing companies on gender equality and inclusion out-performed the ASX200 over the past 3 years by almost 100%*

4.80% – ASX200 RETURN

*Returns were compared through back modelling of how the Gender Equality Index would have performed compared to the ASX 200. This was done using the 2017-18 constituent list for the index for the period 1 October 2017 to 1 January 2020, then the 2019-20 list for 1 January 2020 to 30 September 2020. It was assumed that rebalancing would occur quarterly. Verve currently invests around 50% of its Australian equities inline with the index. See below for more information on how the index was created. It is updated if significant new information comes to light about any of the companies we are invested in and updated annually based on fresh WGEA data.

How Verve invests in women

Stage 1 – What we refuse to invest in

Destructive industries and corporate practices that create community and/or environmental harm often have greater ramifications for women.

That’s why we don’t invest in industries like fossil fuels, tobacco, gambling, companies that are known to commit human rights abuses in their supply chains and companies that don’t have women on their boards.

Stage 2 – We seek Australia’s diversity & inclusion leaders

We’ve designed our Gender Equality & Inclusion Index to identify and invest in the best-performing companies on gender equality in Australia.

We rank companies on five key pillars of gender equality & inclusion and select top performers across different sectors based on data reported to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and other sources.

The pillars:

  • Gender pay parity
  • Sexual harassment & workplace safety
  • Committed to driving change/ pro-women brand
  • Inclusivity & flexible work
  • Women in leadership

Stage 3 – Actively invest in women, our communities & our planet

We seek impact investment opportunities that actively support women and our communities.These include:

The Vision Fund

An organisation providing microfinance loans to low-income households with a focus on supporting women. Small loans of just a couple of hundred dollars can be all that a woman and her family need to start or build a business and break the cycle of poverty.

The Synergies Fund

An organisation transforming disability housing in Australia to support Australians on the NDIS to live independently at home or in specialist disability accommodation.

Verve Founders

“Money is power. It’s time to put the more than $1 trillion that Australian women hold in super to use!”

- Verve Super Co-Founder & CEO Christina Hobbs

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