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“Thanks for creating such a supportive community, I did the first step of the Money Mindset Programme and I feel for the first time that I know what my money goals are and I can see the path to get there. Just that little bit of support I need as I work to building my super.”
- Julie

Dear Canberra

We have a (super) problem. Women are retiring with 35% less super than men.* To close this gap we are going to need a fairer retirement system - 67% of Australians agree.* Government action is needed to make superannuation and our retirement system fairer for women. We are meeting with political leaders and engaging with companies to improve our superannuation and retirement system for women - and all Australians. Sign on to the #MakeOurFutureFair Campaign at

*Gender Indicators, Australia, Nov 2019
**Make Our Future Fair Report, 2019

Paying it forward

We want to maximise our impact and extend it beyond our borders. Every time someone moves their super to Verve, a donation is made on their behalf to support the work of microfinance organisation GoodReturn.

A woman in a developing country will receive funding to build a business or develop her skills. Join with a friend today and double your impact.

Join the #MakeOurFutureFair Campaign

Sign the open letter to our parliamentarians calling for a retirement equality target.

Our Positive Investments

We believe that there is an enormous potential for all Australians to invest their super in a way that provides a competitive financial return for retirement and creates a better more equal world for future generations to come.

mother and daughter looking out at wind turbines

Renewable Energy

Read about how we are redefining ethical investing to take a stance on companies with no women on their boards and companies which abuse women in their supply chains.

woman working in a health/science enviroment


Learn more about the companies we do and don’t invest in.

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Healthy Food Production

Cochlear - just one of Verve’s values aligned ethical investments.

A company with a mission a to help people hear and be heard.

For over 30 years, Cochlear has delivered numerous 'world firsts' in hearing technology. Delivering over three decades of implant innovation to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Cochlear is a great example of a profitable investment for our members super balances and our future.

On another note, Cochlear have one of the lowest pay gaps of any ASX listed company, at 3%.