Five money podcasts by women worth listening to

Five money podcasts by women worth listening to

by Verve

We know first hand that finance feels like a boys club. Trying to decipher money-speak can feel like you’re attempting to read ancient hieroglyphics. Why can’t people just make it make sense?! 

Good news is that we’ve found a handful of podcasts that do just that!

We love a Podcast at Verve. We listen to podcasts that help us unwind, podcasts that make us laugh, and most importantly, podcasts to teach us some pretty cool things. Here is our list of five great money podcasts, by women, that we think are worth a listen. 

You’re In Good Company by Equity Mates

You’re in Good Company is hosted by two best mates, Maddy and Sophie who are taking on the world of investing. They ask the experts the silly questions, so that you don’t have to. Spurred on by the slim number of online investing done by Aussie women, they aim to encourage women to join the conversation on money and investing. Maddy and Sophie tackle topics like investing in shares and cryptocurrency, the gender pay gap and personal super investment. Definitely a podcast that you can jump right into at any point on their journey. 


In Her Financial Shoes by Catherine Morgan


Hosted by Catherine Morgan, a qualified US-based Financial Adviser and Coach, the In Her Financial Shoes podcast offers practical money management tips to make you financially resilient. What we love about this podcast is it’s money mindset focus. Catherine dives deep into financial psychology and money management tips and strategies making it a little different to the standard money podcast! There are hundreds of episodes to listen to gain her insight and that of her guests to get in control of money, to budget, gain financial confidence, learn how to invest, save money & manage money mindset and behaviour.

Girls that Invest by Sim & Sonya

Sim and Sonya started Girls That Invest as two millennial women, looking to break down the intimidating and often not-so-well taught world of investing. A super fun listen that is great for beginners who are just scratching the surface of investing and need some guidance- minus the over-the-top jargon. They cover all sorts of topics including stocks, investing fees, and hustle culture. Check out their social media for even more millennial-focussed financial resources. Pick and choose what episodes interest you most – no need to start at the beginning.

The Broke Generation by Emma Edwards

The Broke Generation is hosted by Emma Edwards, who is coincidentally a friend of Verve. It’s an awesome money podcast for millennials and Gen Y’s who want to learn how to become financially fit. Emma rewrote her own narrative, from being a natural born spender, to now owning her own apartment and paying off her credit card debt. She’ll teach you how to improve your own finances with the same principles she used. This feel-good podcast is equal parts entertaining and knowledgeable and will give you the resources to overcome financial, lifestyle and career obstacles.


She’s on the Money by Victoria Devine

We’d be shocked if you told us that you had never heard of this one. It’s an absolute classic, and has now even been turned into a book! Host and expert Victoria Divine offers fun, transparent advice for your ears, with her only goal to educate and inspire women – something we can absolutely get around. She’s On The Money covers all sorts of topics like breaking into the property market, buy-now-pay-later services, impulse spending and moving overseas. Jump in at any point!

And, a bonus Podcast for all the Verve Members that are Small Business Owners…

Owners Collective by Pru Chapman

Although The Owner’s Collective is not as money-focussed as the other mentions in this list. This is the podcast for you if you’re starting or running a business, or looking to the future to grow your global empire. Pru Chapman (another friend of Verve) has coached over 15,000 entrepreneurs across all industries to whip their businesses into shape. This podcast covers everything from entrepreneurial mindset to marketing, making sales and of course, finance.

What would you like to hear from a money podcast? Do you have a favourite that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know know what you’re listening to! We’re always on the hunt for new podcasts to dive into! 

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