Leave your money mistakes behind

by Verve Super

One of the most significant financial obstacles we face is a lack of awareness of our mind, body and spiritual connection to money. This is a conversation we continue to tackle at Verve, because we want to make sure you’re free from any limiting money beliefs and ready to create the world and the wealth you want.

Many of us grew up in a household where money caused conflict and stress. Others may have faced their own personal financial traumas and many have simply absorbed the widely spread notion that there is “not enough” to go around. These experiences, limiting beliefs and habits become part of a self sabotaging money mindset. Almost as if you’re programmed to fail with money. The good news is we can change this thinking a make your money mindset stronger!

Start with these daily techniques.


Forgive yourself, that old business partner or even a financial crisis for any financial burdens or mistakes you faced in the past. Release any old beliefs and behaviour patterns you have around it. Don’t punish yourself for past money mistakes. It’s done, over! Money can always be made but punishing yourself will not help you make it!

Change your story

Your inner world (beliefs, thoughts, and feelings) creates your outer reality. That’s some “ah-ha moment” truth. Start by turning negative money thoughts such as “I’m so broke… I never have enough… Wanting money is greedy”, into positive stories. “I’m blessed… I contribute to the world, and I receive… It is okay for me to have abundance”. Now repeat daily!

Practice gratitude

When you start to look at your life and feel thankful and deeply grateful, abundance will begin to flow. Give thanks as your money comes in and out of your life. It could be as simple as pausing and giving thanks, as you buy your morning coffee. We love this tip – it’s simple and powerful. The easier you let money go, the more it will flow. Just FYI this doesn’t mean we don’t stick to budget and a supportive money plan, it just means we don’t sweat the small stuff and we choose gratitude over greed.

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