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Small changes make a big difference

Small changes make a big difference

Studies show that over 12 per cent of Australians are already doing small things for change, like eating a plant-based diet, using reusable shopping bags, containers and coffee cups.

These small steps are needed to disrupt some of the biggest carbon-intensive and waste generating industries in the world. People are voting with their dollars and sending a clear message about the action needed on climate change. Small changes make a big difference.

But what about our super?

For many, this is the biggest asset we’ll ever control, and yet so many Australian’s have no idea where their money is being invested. They’d be shocked to find out that it’s probably in coal, oil and gas.

Verve Super members have already shifted over $100 million away from companies investing in fossil fuels and other forms of environmental destruction.

Instead, Verve invests in renewable energy, healthcare, technology, and education.

Right now, there is approximately $2.9 trillion dollars invested in superannuation in Australia. Only 7.7% of this is needed to entirely fund Australia’s transition to 100% clean energy.

The power of super is huge. Imagine if it was used for good.

Switch to Verve Super and feel good about where your super is invested.


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