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I’m quite proud to say that I’m a natural bargain hunter. The kind that’s always on the hunt for a cheaper, but generally more sustainable option. Throw in the fact that my father is one of the thriftiest (bordering on stingy) people that I have ever encountered – and a sprinkle of millennial attitude – and you’ve got a bonafide budget-queen. Hello, hi, allow me to find you a discount code for that…

I accidentally started my own business during the pandemic 

I’ve managed to avoid thinking about money for the entirety of my 25 years on earth. That is until I found myself looking for a job in the middle of a global pandemic.

While hunting for a full-time and permanent job, I offered to help a friend with content creation for their e-commerce business. Before I knew it, I was creating content for three other small businesses and working full-time hours. I’d started my own business, and hadn’t even realised it!

Fast forward 11 months and I’ve barely had time to stop and think about the financials of it all. Not exactly the best business practice. As I started to plan for the new year, I began to think about my business goals more generally. I joined Verve and simultaneously started talking to other women who were also getting serious about their small businesses. My attitude totally shifted. 

How I define wealth and living a full life 

My idea of wealth has always been measured in experiences and quality of life, and I know that I don’t need a lot of money for that. All I’ve ever wanted is to reasonably like what I do for a living. I’m grateful to report that I love what I do now, and working for myself is a dream. Knowing that; I’ve never aspired to have a full bank balance, just a full life. 

Being a new business owner made me look at my values

Only recently have I realised that my money mindset is an inherently feminine one. Often, women are raised to be humble and modest about their finances. Now, I’m seeing that for what it really is: passive. 

That approach is not doing me any favours as a woman and as a small business owner. I’ve realised I’m leaving money on the table. As the ultimate money-saver / sale-finder / savings-queen that I am, that’s the worst possible outcome. That’s wasted money and I’m not here for it. 

I’ve started to see my super from a self-employed perspective

As a sole trader, super and money management are now firmly on my radar in a way that they’ve never been before.

Joining Verve has been an eye-opening experience in that way, and it’s inspired me to take myself and my financial goals more seriously. 

Improving my money talk

I’ve always been too intimidated by “money talk”, and would avoid those topics at family gatherings. Since joining Verve, and taking proactive steps, I’m actively planning for and thinking about my future. Just in time to see my family at Christmas. Joy! 

My plan for the New Year is to set money goals and take charge of my finances. Call it an early New Year’s resolution, but one that I actually plan to follow through on. 

Maddie is a Melbourne-based content creator – check out her website right here.

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