Meet Bailey Thomas – Victorian, passionate social and ecological activist and Verve Super Member

by Verve

Hello! My name is Bailey. I grew up in Balnarring Beach on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula (VIC), where I was surrounded by nature. I am super passionate about environmental and ocean restoration, or any other ecological, social and humanitarian cause. I love to chat, mostly over a coffee and avo-toast-combo. I am always dreaming of a holiday in a tropical paradise, especially if there is surf or some diving around. But mostly importantly, you can find me spending time with my amazing family and friends. 

I’m also the relationships manager at One Girl, an organisation that supports girls’ education in Sierra Leone and Uganda. Educating girls is the most powerful solution to fight climate change and reduce poverty.

Money growing up for me was tight! But, I was fortunate to have parents who worked hard to provide the luxuries of a safe, happy and healthy upbringing.

I used to do chores around the house to earn pocket money, but I always saved up for everything I wanted to buy and therefore, as soon as I was good to go, I was always back to square one. Something I have tried to let go of as an adult, as I now need to ensure that I don’t live paycheck to paycheck, as this is not productive for setting those big financial goals and still living comfortably. 

How do you see investments creating a positive impact in the world or in your life?

This is something that is really important to me. I want to save and build financial stability, but I have really strong values, especially around our natural environment and I no longer invest, or support organisations that do not align with those values. 

Wealth means living comfortably, but still enjoying the pleasures in life

Travel, sharing things with friends and family, experiences, and eating good food are measures of wealth for me. Definitely not how much money I have in the bank or a portfolio of investments.  

If I could have dinner with any woman in the world it would be… 

Jane Goodall or Emma Watson.

What’s your personal philosophy?

Be true to who you are, and trust the journey in front of you. 

Quick fire: 

What are you reading? 

Make It Happen – Jordana Levin

What are you listening to? Podcast/Album 

One Wild Ride – Pru Chapman 

What are you saving/investing for?

I am saving for my first home, but also for the next adventure (yes, I can do both!). 

What are you most proud of? 

I am most proud of myself, for growing so much in the past 5 years, for being brave enough to face my fears and overcome some challenging times. 

What are you afraid of?

Probably injuring myself, whilst surfing or snowboarding!

What’s your coffee order?

Oat latte, every day of the week. 

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