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Whether you’re unsure if you need a Will or it’s time to update the one you have, we could all do with some friendly, professional legal advice when it comes to estate planning. Brooke and the Wills & Estates team* are dedicated to helping women understand their options and creating a plan that works for them. 

The female-led law firm understands the challenges women encounter in work and life and tailors its legal services to make life easier for them through personal experience, insight, and accessibility.

Passing away is not something we generally like to think about, which means we risk leaving our family in a difficult situation if we die suddenly without a Will or an appropriate plan to protect our assets or carry out our wishes. It can feel overwhelming to know where to start or what is the right option for you. 

Brooke has been working in the legal industry since 2009 and has regularly seen how inappropriate estate planning can impact loved ones. With two children of her own, Brooke is particularly passionate about ensuring that women have set a plan that suits their needs. She is also a strong advocate in empowering women by educating them in the importance of estate planning so that they can make their own informed decisions.

Wills & Estates now serves communities across Australia*, offering remote consultations and professional legal advice with care to what can be a sensitive topic.

With expertise, diligence and care, Brooke and the Wills & Estates team* provides guidance in all areas of estate planning, including Wills. If you are a Verve Super member, they can support you to:


  • Identify whether you need a Will, or create a plan to update your current one
  • Understand the estate planning options that may suit your needs e.g. Power of Attorney or Advance Health Directive
  • Start the process of developing a plan to ensure your assets, family and wishes are looked after in the event of your passing

Brooke’s written some tips to help you reflect on your estate planning needs and to get your planning underway. Check it out here [link]

If you are an active Verve member, you can book in a session with a Wills & Estates Planning Expert here [link]

* Each state/territory has different laws and regulations about Wills and estate planning, and most lawyers are registered to provide advice in certain states. Due to this, upon scheduling your appointment, you will be matched with Brooke or another member of the Wills & Estates Team, depending on where you are located.

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