Meet Emily Whelan – Equities advisor, dog owner & Verve member

by Verve

Emily is defying the odds. She’s 20 and works in the financial markets. She’s been in the financial world since she was 18, landing her job straight out of high school.

“Ever since I was little, people have said I am industrious” Emily says.

Part of Emily’s job is understanding everything about companies listed on the ASX.

“So when a listed company makes a material announcement, my role is to understand how this will affect the stock.”

“Finance makes sense to me and I love that I’m always learning in my job.”

“Starting in a male dominated industry at 18 was a new experience. Going in, I took a neutral mindset. I’m here because I love my job. I focus on being the best in my job and hopefully helping other women take a leap of faith and join this really cool industry.”

My Mum taught me the value of a dollar

Emily was raised by an “awesome” single Mum who supported the family. 

“She taught me early on, the importance and value of a dollar. She also instilled a diplomatic mindset in me. I am one of three kids and Mum worked hard to send us to great schools.”

“When I saw Verve was run by strong, independent women, I wanted to support that. Being financially literate as young as possible is paramount.”

“I talk to high school girls all the time and try to speak to them about the importance of financial independence.”

I joined Verve because it’s for women, by women

A friend recommended Emily join Verve.

“She said, ‘I think you should be across this.’ Then I read about Verve and was blown away. I instantly changed my super and haven’t looked back.”

“The fact Verve is for women, by women really spoke to me. Also, on the ethical side of things — I wanted to put my money where my mouth was.”

A Wealthy life to me is connection with family 

“I want to live close to my family and friends. It’s about being grounded and living in close contact with the people that matter.”

Emily says if she does have children, she wants to be able to support them to have a great life and incite positive change in the world.

“A wealthy life is about having a well rounded family and positive influence on the world.”

I’d have dinner with my Grandma

“She raised my favourite human (my Mum!) So she and I would have a lot to talk about.”

Emily’s Grandma passed away when she was 7 — she was also a single Mum and Emily describes her as a “pragmatic woman.”

“I feel like she’d give me the honest truths.”

I live by a Lao Tzu quote

“I’ve kept it my entire life. I found it when I was a teenager. It says:”

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

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