Meet Kerryn Brownson – business owner, mum & passionate skater

by Verve

I’m a business owner, marketer, mum, and passionate rollerskater. I’m also in the process of building my first home and taking on a mortgage. So you could say I wear a lot of hats! 

Scaling my business Better Bearings – a specialist for high-performance skate bearings – is a full-time job. And since acquiring the company three years ago, I’ve been dedicated to its growth. I have big ambitions but my long hours are beginning to paying off with the biggest orders I’ve ever received, new stockists, and finally, I’ve recently been able to start taking a small wage. 

The challenges of being a business owner and single mum mean there’s no second income to rely on. There are hefty, often unpredictable, costs involved with starting a business, and sometimes it feels never-ending. I rely on a second (also full-time!) job to cover outgoings, which means working 14-hour days, every day. 

Supporting myself and other women

But I’m passionate about building a better life for myself, my son, and women everywhere. Five percent of Better Bearings profits are donated to UN Women Australia. I’ve been fiercely passionate about sticking to this commitment even before being in a position to take a wage from the company. 

My dream is to see Better Bearings stocked in every skate shop across the world. But it’s also to help prevent gender violence against women. I’m working hard to do both in the best way I can! 

For me, the weight of the world falls away as soon as I pop on a pair of skates. I want other women to feel that same sense of freedom – which is why I ensure we’re focused on providing amazing skate products that empower women. Have you ever seen someone looking sad while they skate? Not possible! 

Sorting super and cash flow 

I learned a whole lot about managing small business cash flow from my first venture: Skatescool Australia. But in general, I’ve never been confident when it comes to money management. 

Addressing my super is high on my to-do list. I spent my twenties working in London, which means I missed out on building my super from a young age. But I’ve already learned so much since joining Verve. The events and workshops have helped me to improve my budgeting and cash flow management. I’m also being proactive in both areas to keep learning and improve how I manage money for myself and my business. I can be frugal – and I’m getting better – but there’s no denying that I like to buy things, too. I’m working on the right balancing act! 

Setting money goals for myself and my business 

My money goal for the next year would be to make a full-time wage from Better Bearings. Not being reliant on a second income would give me more time with my son, and more time to enjoy the world around us. For us, that’s beach walks and, of course, skating! 

Thankfully, I’ve always thrived off multi-tasking and respond well to change. But my advice for anyone who wants to improve the juggling act would be to focus on one task at a time. Ignore the bigger picture and zone in on the one thing you need to do. This will help you manage your workflow and feel less overwhelmed. 

What a ‘wealthy life’ looks like for me

A wealthy life would mean making a comfortable wage from my Better Bearings. But also reducing my financial stress in general – having more super saved and a better budget in place in case of emergencies. 

One woman I’d love to grab coffee with

If I could have coffee with any woman in the world right now? Well, it would have to be my amazing mentor so we could dig more into my business numbers and keep me on track for the future.

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