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Sam Payne is the Co-founder and CEO of The Pink Elephants Support Network – a not-for-profit set up to support anyone impacted by early pregnancy loss. Here, Sam tells us how she finds the motivation to show up for herself and other women every single day. 

I co-founded The Pink Elephant Support Network around six years ago. After my own lived experiences of recurrent pregnancy loss, I struggled to find the support I needed. I’m so proud to say, that together with my amazing co-founder Gabbi Armstrong, we’ve made an incredible impact in that short time. We support around four and a half thousand people each month, nationally, who are facing the heartbreak of early pregnancy loss. 

Last year we even managed to change federal law to include miscarriage in bereavement leave. We’re committed to ensuring an equitable outcome for our community, and that’s what motivates me every day. 

After my second loss, I realised that women deserved more and that to make a real change, it would take someone to challenge every aspect of pregnancy loss and the false narrative that it doesn’t matter if that loss happens early. 

I saw that Verve shares the same values as me

I moved my superannuation to Verve after the 2019/2020 bushfires. Slowly but surely, I was already in the process of discovering more ethical options for things like my utilities. It just made sense to do the same for my super. 

Because I work in the not-for-profit sector, I’m championing change on behalf of women who’re going through a really traumatic time. As an organisation, we choose to spend our money to make the most impact. At a business and personal level, I understand the power that one small change can make toward an overall cause.

Aligning my dollars to my values is important to me

I’m a huge advocate for choosing to spend money wisely in line with your values. There’s a lot we can’t control but we can each make small changes – that kind of groundswell approach can make a real impact.

Even with Pink Elephants, we look at everything through the lens of contribution. So, ‘what’s the difference we can make if we choose to invest here or if we choose to spend here?’ 

We have regular donors who give $15 a month, which might sound small but over time it builds up. If we have thousands of people giving us a regular donation, then we can build a huge program of support based on that. It’s a collective contribution which I think is what we need to focus on more.

One woman I’d love to grab coffee with…

I’d love to enjoy a brew with research professor, author, and podcaster Brene Brown. Her ability to capture and communicate emotional literacy, and the power that can have. That’s really at the heart of the work I do. Being able to provide validation and have empathy for people is so important. 

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