Meet Rachael Sardelich — meditation teacher, conscious consumer and business owner

by Verve

A true light in the Verve community, meet Rachael Sardelich — after leaving behind the corporate realm, Rachael is now building her business managing careers of culture changing musicians and teaching Vedic meditation. Her story is one many of us are familiar with, a journey from denial consumption to a conscious appreciation of wealth. Rachael is definitely a women with Verve to watch!    

Tell us your money story…

I’m not sure where my money story began, but until recently it’s never been something I was conscious of. The story I told myself was that I would “never have enough”. I was never shown the importance of saving and planning for the future. I travelled and lived overseas and spent most of my money on memories, of which I have no regrets!

As I’ve grown older, so too has my relationship with money. I’ve had many lives over in this soul life, my last was in the corporate realm. I earned and spent a lot of money and never really knew the value of the money I was earning. 5 years ago I decided to take a hiatus and then change industries where my income was reduced but my soul work began. Now, I truly value my worth and the money I receive in exchange for the energy I expend. I have shifted to an abundance mindset and ask more questions about where my money is going and how can I ensure it’s being spent in a way that best supports my future and that of the planet.

What does a ‘wealthy life’ mean to you?

Waking up each day with purpose. Being surrounded by loved ones and nature, and truly feeling joy.

What’s your number one life or money goal for the year ahead?

This year is all about building my business. Reinvesting and growing. At the core of my business I manage the careers of culture changing musicians. I now want to take this vision further and create an agency of artists (of various platforms), to provide them with opportunities to drive a deeper purpose through their work by connecting them with like minded projects and businesses.

What financial power do you possess? 

Conscious consumerism.. (something that continues to evolve as my knowledge grows).

If you could choose to have dinner with one amazing woman, who would it be and why? 

I think that would have to be Alex, Christina & Zoe @ Verve! First and foremost to say a huge thank you for creating such a progressive company and secondly to throw our heads together and come up with some amazing like minded projects to further the great work you are doing. 

Why did you join Verve, and what are your hopes for the Verve Community?

I’ve got an amazing group of girlfriends who all share ideas and information on our group chat. One of the girls dropped your website into the chat, followed by the podcast Alex did with Pru Chapman. After listening to the podcast I had this huge realisation that I had never considered where my super was being invested nor had I questioned if the company I was with was truly right for where I am in my life. Verve is a reflection of informed, conscious women who care about their future and that of their peers. How could I not be a part of such a pivotal step forward for the future of all women! I hope that more and more men and women continue this conversation and follow suit by becoming more financially educated and make more informed decisions about their lives and the planet.

Thank you so much to Verve Member Rachael for sharing her story and being such a vibrant part of the Verve community. We believe that every woman has a unique story, and every story is unique in its power to improve the lives of other women. Are you a Verve Member and would like to share your story? Send us an email and let’s do it:

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