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The Nitty Gritty

Fee Comparison

When compared to Stockspot* data, Verve Super fees are slightly lower than the 'average fees' for the Top 10 super funds in Australia in the compareable 'Growth' class.

*Stockspot is a leading Australian investment comparison service which does not accept fees for its service. The Stockspot 'To 10' and 'Bottom 10' average fees are based on a comprehensive analysis of over 3,300 industry and retail funds. Verve Super's Balanced Growth fund is comparable to a Growth Fund in terms of the mix of defensible and growth assets. Average annual fees are calculated on a balance of $50,000

Asset Allocation & Investment Strategy for Balanced Growth

Your funds are invested in a diverse mix of assets with 65% in growth assets (like shares and property) and 35% in defensive assets (like fixed interest and cash). This portfolio is designed to achieve strong returns for our members while balancing risk.


$93.6 Per annumAdministration fee
(that’s only $1.80 per week)
1.19% Per annumAdministration and investment fees
ZEROPerformance fees, entry or exit fees
  • + Australian shares, 40%
  • + International shares, 25%
  • + Alternatives - other, 0%
  • + Fixed interest, 30%
  • + Cash, 5%

For detailed information about Verve Super please read the Product Disclosure Statement, Additional Information Booklet, Financial Services Guide and Insurance Guide.

Read our Product Disclosure Statement

We have written our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) in simple english with the aim of telling you everything you need to know about Verve Super. We have compiled this PDS inline with government guidelines, so if you’re trying to compare Verve Super to your current fund, this is what you want to read.

Our Additional Information Booklet is exactly that – even more detail for lovers of fine print. Find out everything about making contributions, accessing your super benefits, insurance options and more.

Our Investment Approach

Verve avoids companies engaged in:
Exclusion of women from leadership
Offshore detention
Human and labour rights abuses
Oil, coal, gas
Live animal export
Old growth logging
Environmental destruction
Social harm
Harmful financing
Verve seeks investments in:
Social wellbeing
Renewable energy
Healthy food production
Sustainable production
Community finance
Efficient Transport

How We Serve Women

Verve is the only superannuation fund in Australia dedicating 100% of our resources, services, focus and attention to serving women.

Services for women, by women

From online financial guidance and coaching, to fee breaks for members on carers leave, our services are tailored for women and delivered by women.

Ethical investments, ethical people

Our team are committed to building the financial power of women and a better world. At Verve there is no need to compromise your values for returns. Because we know that over time, ethical investments outperform the market.

Agitators for change

With the power of our community, we agitate for change to support financial equality and to build wealth for all women.

Fair Fees & the Baby Bump

To support members entering the workforce and receiving super for the first time, or members who have withdrawn the bulk of their super due to hardship, Verve ensures that the annual Membership Fee is not charged when a member’s balance is lower than $1000.

The BabyBump program is a fee rebate for Verve Super members of any gender who have recently become new parents, whether by birth or adoption. Email us at and we will confirm your eligibility and rebate our membership fee back into your super account for the period that you’re on parental leave (up to 12 months).

Meet our ethical Fund Managers

We strive to grow the financial wealth of our members without compromising their values. Verve partners with Future Super Fund Management, one of the most trusted ethical superannuation fund managers in Australia. Our Fund Manager investment team have over four decades of investment experience and a track-record of outperforming the market through ethical investment.