"> We must keep going.

We must keep going.

Author Christina Hobbs
Posted on 29 May 2019
We must keep going.

In the wake of the federal election, the past weeks have been a thought provoking period for those of us who are passionate about advancing equality.

Over the past decade, a lack of political will has seen Australia fall from 15th to 39th position on global gender equality rankings. At Verve, we were looking forward to a new political era of meaningful action to advance women’s equality, and issues we really care about — like addressing the climate crisis.

And we were not prepared to sit by and wait another 3 years for change.

So what do we do now?

We step up.

Because social movements have never been led by politicians, they have always been led by people. We must never forget that the solutions to the largest social and environmental problems are at our finger-tips. Remember: Australia could transition to 100% renewable energy with just 7% of the funds we have in superannuation.

A few years ago, I ran for the Senate in the ACT. One thing that really struck me were the hundreds of people who volunteered for my campaign and for campaigns across the country, fighting for a better world. They were just everyday people, who did some pretty extraordinary things, and who stepped up.

There are so many different avenues to make change happen. Politics is one. Social movements are another. Economic power is another.

We have set a standard for our future — a renewable, equal, healthy and thriving future. And we must keep moving towards it.

Today there are over 1 million climate change advocacy organisations globally – it is already the largest social movement in history. There are also more women’s organisations you can get involved in working in Australia and internationally than ever before.

If you’re a Verve member you’ve already made a powerful statement not to invest your super in fossil fuels (no coal, gas or oil!) and instead to finance the renewable energy revolution.  Now, let’s think about what next, what else can we each do, and accelerate our power to effect change on the issues we care about – whether that’s climate change, education, human rights, equality, or all of the above.

We are not waiting for another election cycle. We simply do not have the time, the planet needs us now.