"> March Newsletter: 4 times women made history during women's history month 2019!

March Newsletter: 4 times women made history during women’s history month 2019!

Author Christina Hobbs
Posted on 30 March 2019
March Newsletter: 4 times women made history during women’s history month 2019!

As Women’s History Month comes to a close for 2019, here are four powerful moments from March that have demonstrated how women’s leadership is creating history — just as it always has.

1. International Women’s Day (IWD)

It’s not quite the feminist day of action that it once was, yet March 8th reminds us of all that women have fought for and won. The Verve team joined the Melbourne IWD march, and we were reminded of the incredible leadership of everyday women standing up for gender equality. A diverse community, including: first nation women, unionists, trans women, sex workers, domestic violence survivors and women with disabilities.

IWD March, Melbourne.

2. Student climate strike

A week later, young women were the prominent leaders amongst over 100,000 students across the country who gained national media coverage and political attention when they striked to demand climate action — inspired by an amazing young woman, 15 year old Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg. These young women and their peers, are showing the world what real leadership is.

Student Climate March, Melbourne.

3. That AMAZING photo, and that powerful response

Just as rallies this month showed us the power of collective action, Women’s AFL player Tayla Harris showed the power of one woman speaking truth to power. She ignited a national conversation and outpouring of support against online sexual harassment, when she named sexually abusive comments for what they were, and refused to be shamed.

Tayla Harris, Photo: Michael Willson

4. Jacinda, a true leader

As Women’s History month comes to a close, Jacinda Arden’s incredible response to the NZ terror attack, has shown, on a global scale, the power of women to make history through authentic leadership driven by compassion, empathy and love.

Photo: David Walker/STUFF

As I reflect on these historical moments in March, I’m reminded of our Verve members. By not investing in companies which: excluded women from leadership; extract or burn coal, gas and other fossil fuels; or manufacture guns and weapons of war — you stood with women making history this month, even if you didn’t realise it.

Here’s to next month, we can’t wait to see what women do next.


With love,


CEO, Verve Super