"> How The Superannuation of Verve Members Is Improving Mental Health

How The Superannuation of Verve Members Is Improving Mental Health

Author Christina Hobbs
Posted on 5 July 2019
How The Superannuation of Verve Members Is Improving Mental Health

Did you know your super can support people experiencing mental illness? Really, it can.

At Verve we know that our members want their money invested in companies and projects that are building a better and brighter world.  So over the past weeks we’ve been working on an exciting new investment we want to tell you about— an investment that will generate returns for our members and improve the lives of Australians experiencing complex mental health problems. 

One in five Australians experience mental illness annually, with the impacts affecting thousands of families and communities across the country.

 Ok, I know what you’re thinking, “what”, “huh”….”how can my superannuation improve mental health?”…

Let me explain. The investment supports a new program that provides specialised case management to people experiencing mental illness.

The investment is a type of “Social Impact Bond”. I’ll explain what that term means:  a ‘bond’ works like an IOU. It’s a loan to a company, Government, or an organisation that pays investors a fixed rate of return over a specific time period. And a  ‘Social Impact Bond’, is essentially a loan for something that’s going to create social good.

This new program is funded by the superannuation money we invest and is implemented by Flourish Australia, a highly experienced peer-to-peer mental health service provider. It will support participants for up to two years, and will be delivered in collaboration with the Nepean Blue Mountains and Western NSW Local Health Districts.

The Government provides financial returns to investors (like Verve), based on the savings it makes from reduced hospital readmissions. 

 The best part — the more successful the program is, and the better people are supported, the greater the savings to the Government and the returns to our members! 

You can read more about Flourish and the Resolve program here. A big thanks to all of our members, for investing their super to build wealth and a better world.