Nanna’s Wisdom

Author Carmen Hawker
Posted on 15 November 2018
Nanna’s Wisdom

There’s nothing like Nanna’s wisdom. These wise women have seen it all before and must’ve done something right because they’ve made it this far. You don’t always need to get your money advice from a financial advisor, sometimes keeping it real with Nan is the best way to go. We’ve certainly found that our Nannas have some incredible tidbits when it comes money management.

The first bit of #NannaWisdom in our series comes from 96 year-old Pauline, a real-life Nanna who lives in Albury, New South Wales. Best known for her delicious chocolate cakes, colourful spice tins and cups of tea on the balcony watching ‘the world go by’, she is a much-loved mother of two and Nan to four granddaughters. Plenty of strong women in this family!

Her sage money wisdom for the Verve community is: “Live within your means. Don’t spend more than you can afford, because debt leads to worry and worry doesn’t make for a happy life.”

So there you have it! Ditch that credit card, prioritise paying off your debts and don’t tie your happiness to money. Because Nanna knows best.