"> Woman With Verve Shout Out: Holly Smith

Woman With Verve Shout Out: Holly Smith

Author Verve Team
Posted on 1 July 2019
Woman With Verve Shout Out: Holly Smith

This month we want you to meet Verve Member and all-round superstar: Holly Smith. After becoming somewhat of an ‘accidental Verve ambassador’, as she says, we asked Holly a few questions about her relationship with money for this month’s Woman With Verve Shout Out. Holly has already got a few of her friends signed up for Verve and is working on getting her boyfriend to become our tenth male member, so you know this one’s going to be a cracker! 

Tell us a bit about you and the women in your family…
I have three younger brothers so the women in my life are my Mum and Aunty but I have plenty of close girlfriends and some amazing female colleagues. I love that Verve are doing things with women in mind.

What’s your money ‘story’?
I’ve never really thought seriously about money. We were never rich but my parents owned the humble family home and raised us to be engaged and passionate about what we do with our lives. They both worked (and still do) in the disability sector. So, money has never been a big driving factor for me. I’ve found work in the not-for-profit sector that has been very fulfilling and satisfying, but never highly paid. And, so now I am in my early 30s with not a lot behind me; a big HECS debt; and I feel like I need to set myself up better now and be a bit more informed and sensible about things.

A lot of women in their thirties find themselves in a very similar boat! What does a ‘wealth’ and a ‘wealthy life’ mean to you?

For me, the richness and wealth in my life comes from meaningful work, strong connection to community and enough money to live a simple life and enjoy it without financial anxiety.

Why did you join Verve, and what are your hopes for the Verve Community?

I joined Verve because the finance world in Australia is unethical in so many ways, I want to be part of the change against that. I think it is criminal that women retire with around 40% less super than men, especially considering a huge reason behind this is that they take on extra unpaid roles as carers, both for children and ageing parents. Women should not be at a financial disadvantage for taking on these crucial roles.

I have also wanted to be more conscious about where my super was being invested, ethically speaking. I’m hoping to learn more and better equip myself financially. I guess I also joined hoping to rest easy knowing that some kickass women have got it sorted and have the best interests of women at the core of their business.

We sure do! Thanks for trusting us, Holly. What’s one thing you’d love to see changed for women in this country?

I’d love to see the government take more action in addressing violence against women, it’d be nice to feel comfortable to walk home at night again. I’d also love to see women recognised and rewarded for unpaid labour in caring roles.

What’s your number one life or money goal for the year ahead?

To be financially set up enough to make some big next steps like get more serious in saving for a home and maybe think about starting a family.

If you could choose to have dinner with one amazing woman, who would it be and why?

Patti Smith. She’s a poet, a rockstar, an activist, a beautiful writer. An evening with her would be heaven.

We agree! Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and chat all things wealth* and women with us, Holly. We’re so glad to have passionate, bold women like you on board who are living their values through their super fund. Now, let’s see how many more friends we can sign up to Verve Super!  


Thank you so much to Verve Member Holly for sharing her story and being such a vibrant part of the Verve community. We believe that every woman has a unique story, and every story is unique in its power to improve the lives of other women. Are you a Verve Member and would like to share your story? Send us an email and let’s do it: hello@vervesuper.com.au