"> Woman With Verve Shout Out: Lauren the Nanager

Woman With Verve Shout Out: Lauren the Nanager

Author Verve Team
Posted on 13 February 2019
Woman With Verve Shout Out: Lauren the Nanager

Hey amazing #WomanWithVerve, tell us your money story

Growing up as one of five girls, I had to work from a young age to buy the things I wanted and I’m really grateful for what that financial responsibility taught me in my early years.  I got my first casual job when I was 14.  I worked at the local bingo hall stacking chairs for two hours; for my efforts I would pocket a whopping $20 cash in hand.

I’ve always been a worker, I’ve never applied for university, instead I’ve been in the full-time work force for over a decade.

In recent years I have become an employer as the Founder of the nanny agency ‘Nanager’.  Nanager is about changing the current system for nannies; providing highly skilled and professional nannies to families with a huge focus on ensuring that nannies are set up in fair and legal working relationships.

It’s only been in the past few year that I’ve started thinking more about my Super.

What does a ‘wealthy life’ mean to you?

I read somewhere once that the average level of happiness plato’s after earning $100k/ year.  I can really relate to this.  I’m not one to splash out on material possessions.  In fact the simple act of shopping for an outfit feels like a chore to me.  ‘Wealthy’ to me means peace of mind over my finances and living comfortably.  I don’t want to worry about bills, rent, heading out for a good time with friends, a flight home to family or feeling lazy and getting Uber Eats delivered.

This answer will probably change when I have children.


What financial power do you possess?

I’ve always been willing to work hard to earn money. In recent years I’ve learnt not just to work hard, but to allow myself to take risks to increase my income – starting  my business Nananger has taken a lot of hard work, but it was taking the first gutsy step that was most powerful.


What’s your number one life or money goal for the year ahead?

I want to create my ideal salary within my company and then train the company to work without me as much as possible.


What’s one thing you’d love to see changed for women?

The Australian Nanny industry is a bit of a black market with many girls being paid cash in hand and below the minimum wage.  While we are seeing changes to our industry (we finally have an Award rate) there are still a lot of changes needed.

 I’d love to see every nanny in Australia earning super just like any other employee. Super is often the last thing on anyone’s mind when they set up a private working relationship in the home.  To make matters worse, there is a ridiculous rule in the Domestic Homeworkers Act that makes it legal for families not to pay their nanny super.  At Nanager we require families to still pay super regardless of this rule, but it’s a challenge.  We need legislative change.


If you could choose to have dinner with one amazing woman, who would it be and why?

Easy – Ruth Bader Ginsburg!


Why did you join Verve, and what are your hopes for the Verve Community?

We weren’t taught anything about super or money in high school and my employers’ only mention of my super was the weekly update on a payslip.  It’s frustrating because the super I was paid when I was young was a real head start for me; while my friends spent a decade studying I was already saving for retirement, and I could have managed this money better. Verve’s focus on financial coaching and literacy is so important for me and the team are clearly so passionate about supporting women financially.

Regardless of the frustrations, I’m still feeling optimistic about the future.  As I am someone who runs a business that is designed to support vulnerable women workers access better employment opportunities, the fund is such a great match to my values.

The more I look around, the more I’m finding that the advocacy of work of women led organisations like Verve is so important for desperately needed changes to support the working women of Australia. I hope our community grow to support this work.


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