"> Woman With Verve Shout Out: Maria Paterakis

Woman With Verve Shout Out: Maria Paterakis

Author Verve Team
Posted on 29 March 2019
Woman With Verve Shout Out: Maria Paterakis

Hey amazing #WomanWithVerve, tell us your money story

My relationship with money has not always been healthy….and at times it is still a work in progress.  I never received pocket money as a child, or really needed to budget for anything.

Having children later in life has really challenged me.  I had it drilled into me by my mother to never be dependent on a man.  This was in constant contradiction to the other story we are told and buy into…the night in shining armour who will look after us.  I found myself in an emotional tug of war.

It was a rude awakening going from financially independent to dependent. It is not a position I have enjoyed.  I was not prepared for it….the rude shock and justifying my expenses and needs.  In reality we need to do this.  We need to take a hard look at our finances and be clever, organised, adaptive and always have a vision.  I never had this before now.


What does a ‘wealthy life’ mean to you?

A wealthy life is more than about money….it’s about flow and ease.  It’s about a well-rounded life.  This year I have a mantra “Wealth and Health = Freedom”.  For me they are the foundation of what I am creating this year.


What financial power do you possess?

I am willing to look at myself and how I can grow.  Stating my own business, Retiring With Joy –which is about helping other women retire with joy, has been a massive growth curve.  It has opened my eyes to what is possible.  I have found that willingness to let go of what is not working and flow with what is as essential to growing and thriving.  I believe this is the case in business and in life.


What’s your number one life or money goal for the year ahead?

To stay debt free and take my business from “Sart-Up” to “ Thriving and Flying”.  If you would indulge me with one more…..to create a financial plan for my future.


What’s one thing you’d love to see changed for women?

Parity in pay.  This is one of the biggest issues women face today. My business, Retiring With Joy, started because I wanted to support women with their emotional and social needs at retirement.  What I have found is that many women can’t afford to retire; 1 in 3 women currently retire without superannuation, or on average with $150,000 less than their male counterparts.  No government is talking about how to address this in earnest. However, I believe we need to step up for ourselves and each other.  This is why I am excited about Verve Super.


If you could choose to have dinner with one amazing woman, who would it be and why?

Right now, I would love to have dinner with Jacinda Ardern, NZ PM. I believe that Ms Ardern has highlighted these last couple of weeks how women can really change the tone of how things are done.  The world needs more of that.


Why did you join Verve, and what are your hopes for the Verve Community?

I am passionate about supporting women to thrive in their later years…..and it takes team work to make that happen.  This why I am excited about VERVE SUPER.  Our values and ethos are the same.  I am thrilled to be part of the Verve Community.  Ladies let’s get together and raise our voices.  Women are the emotional and nurturing foundation of our country and our planet.  There is immense power in that. Together we have done and will continue to do amazing things.  #WeElevateTogether


Are you a Verve Super Member? We’d love to profile your story. Every woman has a unique story, and every story is unique in its power to improve the lives of other women. If the idea of being profiled scares the hell out of you, then never fear! You are not alone, our team will help you find your voice. Go on send us an email and let’s do it: hello@vervesuper.com.au