"> We delivered 10.28% returns to our members in six months; here's how we did it

We delivered 10.28% returns to our members in six months; here’s how we did it

Author Christina Hobbs
Posted on 31 July 2019
We delivered 10.28% returns to our members in six months; here’s how we did it

Verve has delivered over 10.28% returns to our members over the past six months*. Here’s how we grew wealth through investing ethically!

From day one, we at Verve have refused to follow the hoard of Australian super funds — and their teams of majority male execs — who believe that the only way to make a buck is to jeopardise our planet and our communities. 

We are a community of ethically minded people, and we’re also a fund led by smart women who know that over the long run, investments that are ethical and socially responsible will perform better.

That’s why I’m incredibly proud to release our performance for the past six months, and to tell you that we’ve returned over 10% (after fees) to our members. Yup, you read correct, 10.28% returns in six months*.

Since inception, we’ve been in the top quarter of all comparable funds and and have delivered over 11% to our members*.

What I want you to know, is that we didn’t achieve these amazing results in-spite of our ethics, we achieved them because of our ethical stance. Because when we make an ethical investment decision — like refusing to invest in companies without a woman on the board — not only do we know that it’s the right thing to do, we know that it’s the smart thing to do; after all companies with poor boardroom diversity perform worse. 

When the Banking Royal Commission led to the plummeting stock values of some of Australia’s largest financial institutions, we weren’t affected, because we weren’t invested in them.  And as we move towards a safe climate future, the value that’s increasingly lost from coal/gas and oil companies won’t matter to our members, because we don’t invest in them either. 

Most importantly, when we hear of the next factory collapse in Bangladesh, India or elsewhere, you can feel relieved knowing that your super fund does everything it can, to insure your money is not invested in companies that are known to abuse workers in their supply chains.  

It’s liberating to know that we, as a community, are shifting our money out of a global financial system that is hurting women, our communities and our planet; investing instead in more innovative, sustainable and profitable industries

Together, we’re creating something better — and it just so happens that the right decision for your future, is the right decision for your super balance too. 

So next time you’re talking to your friend about Verve, and they tell you that they’re worried about returns from ethical funds (*ugh*… yes we know this still happens…), send them this email and let them know that you’re part of a community investing in a future that is good for you and good for our planet.


Christina Hobbs

CEO, Verve Super

*Comparative performance is based on analysis of comparable ‘balanced options’ from SuperRatings data and Morningstar. Verve launched in December 2019 and comparison data is accurate as of August 1 2019. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Click here for full information on Verve’s benchmark and returns.