Verve Super has never invested in coal, oil or gas. We give our members the opportunity to invest in a more equitable and sustainable future.

Ethical investing is our cup of tea

A few ways we make ethical investing easy
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We avoid

investments that don’t align with our members’ values

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We seek

investments that are good for the planet, women and our community

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We strive

to achieve the best financial returns for our members

Feel good about where your super is invested

Total transparency is our sort of super

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Total transparency, no compromises

Just because a super fund may use words like ‘sustainable’, ‘responsible’ and ‘eco’ in naming their investment options doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped investing in fossil fuels, weapons and other nasties!  At Verve we’re serious about investing ethically and living our values. 

Gender diversity & inclusion

Research shows that companies with better gender diversity and inclusion perform better. So why don’t all superannuation funds take this into consideration? At Verve, we do! 

After we screen out companies that don’t meet our ethical criteria. We then seek out companies that perform better on standard gender criteria set by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. 


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Our climate change position statement

Climate change isn’t a debate. Renewable energy isn’t a fantasy. The climate crisis is already underway, and the solutions are already in the market. Where you invest your super is a vote for the future you want to retire into, and the world you will pass on to the next generation. It is your legacy and at Verve we consider it our legacy too.

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How we screen our ethical investments

Here are a few of the ways we ensure every investment meets the highest ethical standards

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Got Questions?

How do Verve’s investments perform?

You can see our most recent returns here. Verve is an ethical super fund with a commitment to building the retirement savings of our members. Ethical investment outperforms mainstream investment over all time periods, according to the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA). Why? Because companies that look after people and the planet perform better over the long term. You can view the RIAA’s recent report here.

What are Verve Super’s ethical screens?

Verve does not invest in companies without at least one woman on the Board. We avoid investments in companies involved in activities causing social or environmental harm, including detention centres, live animal exports, tobacco, armaments and fossil fuels. Instead, we seek out positive investments in industries like healthcare, education and renewable energy.

For more information on our ethical screens visit Ethical Investing.