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Online: Women’s Business

A panel discussion amongst four powerful First Nations women about their pursuit of business on this continent. A careful balance of old ways, new ways and doing it our way. 
If you are curious about how Indigenous culture informs business decisions, business culture and innovation this event is for you. All First Nations people and allies welcome.

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Online: Investing in Shares

This event is for you if you have a basic understanding of investing principles and you’d like to learn more about investing in shares. We’ll provide you with information and practical steps to help get you started and we’ll explore some of the investor platforms and tools available.

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It was the do-gooders of my time that are now doing it tough. The women who didn’t work, the women who stayed home with no income. That’s why it pays for us all to be rebels, to fight for what is right. – Jane Caro at a Verve event in Melbourne
Jane Caro Verve Event

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Good debt, bad debt, no debt: the 101 of getting to a debt-free life 


Many of us will find ourselves in debt at least once in our lives. If that’s you right now, then this is the session for you. Whether it’s credit cards, bills or something else, we will support you to get things back under control; work out what you can afford, how to negotiate payment plans, what debts to prioritise, and more.

Investing: Building a Portfolio


You’ve got your investing basics under your belt and now you’re keen to build your portfolio and hear more from some seasoned experts to hear how they invest their own money.  Learn how to choose your shares wisely, as you determine how to diversify your portfolio and to pick investments in a way that works for you.

Protecting what’s precious: Insurance 101


We don’t like to think about disaster striking but insurance is about minimising the impact if things do go wrong. Most of us simply want to live a good life and know that whatever happens, we will be able to maintain our basic standard of living and take care of the people and things we love. This session will help you understand different types of insurance cover for different life events and stages, and help you to create an insurance plan.

Getting your will sorted – the house, the kids, the dog


Have nothing in place to protect your loved ones, or wondering if a will kit is good enough? Passing away is not something we generally like to consider, which means we risk leaving our family and loved ones in an awful situation of having to navigate legal hurdles if we die suddenly without a legally binding plan to protect our assets or carry out our wishes. Feel supported as you learn about whether you may need a will or other estate planning options available and start a plan to ensure your assets are looked after in the event of your passing.


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    Feminist Fridays with Verve Super Co-Founders Alex Andrews and Christina Hobbs

    Feminist Fridays

    Grab a cuppa and join the Verve community for a Friday morning chat. 

    Hosted by Founders Alex and Christina, each month we invite an inspiring woman we know to join the conversation. A great chance to meet the community and have a fun, fast and fierce feminist conversation! 

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