Questions to get to know your partners money style
Questions to get to know your partner's money style

Starting a conversation about money can be heavy and awkward. But, getting to know your partner’s money style and becoming comfortable talking about money, is an important part of any relationship. Money is one of the biggest stressors in a relationship, so the sooner you embrace talking about it, the better.

To make striking up a conversation with your partner about money a little easier we’ve made a list of 6 questions to get the conversation flowing.

1. How did your family talk about money growing up?

The way our family talked about money growing up shapes our relationship with money as adults. This question is an opportunity to share your first experiences or memories of money. Positive or negative, the money patterns that we witnessed at home will have made an imprint on how we approach money today.

2. If you won the lotto, what would you do?

This question is a great conversation starter and your partner’s response will tell you a lot about them and their money style. It will help you get an understanding of their financial priorities and values around money. Pay attention to how they order big spending decisions. This might reveal their current financial obligations and whether they tend to be more conservative or relaxed with spending money. It might also be interesting to see whether or not your values around money align — for example, if supporting charity is important to you, does your partner include a donation to charity in their lotto plans?

3. Do you have any money regrets?

Reflecting on our financial regrets shows the lessons we’ve learned along the way. Asking your partner about their biggest money regret gives you an insight into how they reflect on their past choices and what they might do things differently today.

4. What would life look like if you didn’t have to worry about money?

A life without money stress, it’s what dreams are made of! Not only does this question give you an insight into your partner’s current financial situation (ie. debts or other financial obligations), it also gives you an idea of what they’re working towards. Does their version of financial freedom match yours? This is also an opportunity to get a sense of what your partner considers to be a ‘wealthy life’, what kind of life they’re aspiring to and what barriers are currently in their way.

5. Is there anything you’re saving for right now?

This is a quick way to get an insight into whether your partner shares your money habits and if you’re on similar financial paths.

6. What is the best money advice you’ve ever received?

Sharing financial wisdom is something we should all do more often. Money is taboo and as a result, we miss out on the lessons and wisdom that others may have to offer us. Aside from this, the best advice your partner has received is likely to be a guiding light for them when it comes to how they approach money. Gaining an understanding of what guides them will help you better understand their overall money style.

These questions are a great way to start a conversation about money. Having more positive experiences discussing money will help to create a supportive environment to better manage challenges and achieve financial goals.

If you or your partner are experiencing financial stress please contact the National Debt Hotline on 1800 007 007 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 


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