The system wasn't built for you,
but Verve Super is

Competitive returns

Choosing an ethical super fund doesn’t mean compromising on returns. Don’t just take our word for it – check out RIAA’s findings.

Ethical investments

Be part of a community of people using the power of their super to invest for a more equitable and sustainable future.

Competitive fees

We're proud to be keeping our fees fair without sacrificing financial rewards or ethics.

Member benefits beyond superannuation

Verve Super members get access to Verve Learn – with no added fee!

Events with Verve Learn

Events are just one of our favourite ways to meet and learn from like-minded women, hear from financial and career experts, and enjoy meaningful money conversations.

Money courses with Verve Learn

Get started with Verve Learn’s Money & Mindset course. It’s the ultimate toolkit to help you tackle your money mindset, all at your own pace. 

Verve Super members can access all expertly-designed money courses. Oh, and it’s free for members!

Member Benefits with Verve Super - Verve Learn Courses

Experts & Coaches with Verve Learn

Verve Learn gives members access to the Support Squad, a community of experienced career and financial coaches. These experts are available to Verve Super members to help tackle anything life throws at you, because amazing things happen when women have a solid support network around them.

Verve Super members can book one-on-one sessions with financial and career coaches – with no added fee!

Member Benefits with Verve Super - Verve Learn Coaches

Join our Facebook group

Verve Super is built by, and for, a community of smart, caring and tenacious women. This is a space for our members to connect and learn.

All Verve Super members can join our Facebook Group!

Member Benefits with Verve Super - Verve Learn Facebook Group


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How do I get my employer to pay to Verve Super?

When you join Verve we’ll send you an email that you can forward to your employer. It will have all the details your employer needs to pay your super into your Verve Super account.

If you’re already a member of Verve and you have recently changed jobs, simply download this prefilled standard choice form and Verve’s General Compliance Certificate. Give these forms to your new employer and direct them to Employer Information if they require further information.

Can I transfer my Kiwi Saver to Verve Super?

Yes. Verve Super takes part in the Trans-Tasman Portability Scheme. Check out the detailed information in the Additional Information Booklet or get in touch with us at to find out how.

Can I join if I’m not a woman?


Verve Super is designed to support women+ and allies supportive of Verve Super’s mission to build their retirement savings, while at the same time advocating against gender-based discrimination and supporting efforts to help close the retirement savings gap for all women.

We encourage you to consider Verve Super if you want to grow your retirement savings through a super product that applies negative and positive screens in order to invest ethically in companies and assets that have a positive impact for women, the broader community, and the environment.

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