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For most of our members, knowing that their super is invested ethically in a fund that has a track record of delivering competitive returns for a fair fee is the most important benefit of Verve
– but we don’t stop there.

Verve community

Join Verve’s community events, webinars and money courses. Learn and meet other incredible Verve members. All led by our Head Financial Coach, Zoe Lamont.


The Support Squad

Meet Verve’s Support Squad. Our coaches are available to provide our members with support at critical moments in their wealth building journey. Including a Career Coach, Divorce & Separation Expert, and a Financial Coach.



6 Step Money Mindset Program

Gain access to every step of Verve’s 6 step Money & Mindset Program, as well as all other financial resources and materials, to help you build strong financial foundations.


Our Baby Bump program

Verve members who take parental leave after the arrival of a new child, whether by birth or adoption, can apply for a rebate of the annual fixed administration fee for up to 12 months.

If you would like, Verve can also contact your employer, or support you, to ask them to keep paying your super during your parental leave.




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Verve members, who have an account balance, can access each coach or expert once per year for the duration of the offering.  

Verve is an ethical super fund with a commitment to building the retirement savings of our members. You can see our most recent returns here. Ethical investment has historically outperformed mainstream investment over all time periods, according to the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA). Why? Because companies that look after people and the planet perform better over the long term.

Verve’s 6 Step Money Mindset Program is designed to help you to build strong financial foundations and to get clear on what you need to earn, save and invest to achieve your goals, this includes superannuation. Step 3 of the Program supports you to explore your retirement goals, estimate how much super you’ll need in retirement and identify ways to supercharge your super today. 

Verve members get free access to events hosted by Verve Super, unless otherwise specified. Check your latest newsletter for the event promo code.

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    The Verve Radical

    A little Verve delivered to your inbox. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter.


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