The facts about women and super

Women in Australia retire with an average 35% less retirement savings than men. That's a real super gender gap. Our financial lives can be quite complex, however many of us don’t know who to turn to for support in a financial services industry that wasn’t built with us in mind. That's why we created Verve – a community for women, men & non-binary folk who believe in our mission of closing the super gap.

The solution requires collective action

Here are a few ways we are working with our members to close the super gender gap and invest our super for good:
Verve Super for Women - Super Gender Gap - Alison

Accessing tailored support

Meet Alison, she manages our team of Member Services Specialists. We take every opportunity to connect with our members seriously. Alison and the team are ready to help our members as and when they need it.

Building financial knowledge

Our members get access to Verve Learn – an educational platform – giving you access to events, expert coaches, workshops, money courses and guides.

Verve Super for Women - Super Gender Gap - Verve Learn
Ethical investing - Hand over plant

Investing in equality

Verve prioritises making investments into companies that lead the way on gender equality and inclusion —this is a first for an Australian super fund! We also invest in social housing and micro-finance loans for women-led small businesses in low-income countries. 

Agitating for change

It’s not enough to support individual women to rise financially, that’s why we harness the power of our community to advocate for fairer super policies.

Verve Super for Women - Super Gender Gap - Agitating for Change

Oh, and just quietly...

Superannuation funds with 30% of women in leadership were shown to outperform male-dominated funds by $7 billion over a three year period

What our members say about Verve Super