Frequently Asked Questions

Can only women join Verve Super?

It doesn’t matter how you identify - man, woman, non-binary - if you support our mission, you’re welcome to join! We’re all on the same team, and we share the same core values. It’s true that right now in Australia, women are facing greater financial obstacles than men, and the majority of financial services firms are failing to engage women. We believe it’s time for a community, and a super fund, dedicated to building women’s financial power. We believe it’s time to invest in great companies we can celebrate, including companies that lead on gender issues. We believe it’s time to end the pay penalty women recieve over a lifetime of work inside and outside the home, to ensure Australian women are better supported to retire well. In a nutshell, if you want to empower women everywhere, while investing your super ethically and profitably, Verve is made for you.

Am able to transfer my Kiwisaver into Verve Super?

Yes. Verve Super takes part in the Trans-Tasman Portability Scheme. Check out the detailed information in the Additional Information Booklet or get in touch with us at hello@vervesuper.com.au to find out how.

Do you send out member statements?

We do! We send out fully audited statements annually, however if you need one in the meantime, send us an email at hello@vervesuper.com.au and we’ll do our best to get an interim statement to you within 2-3 business days.

How do I join Verve Super?

The easiest way to join Verve Super is through our online join form. It takes just a couple of minutes. You can also join over the phone on 1300 799 482 or with a paper application form.

How do I move my current super?

You can request a transfer from another super fund as part of the join process or by completing the rollover form. We’ll get in touch with your other fund to transfer your super across, which automatically closes your old account. A request to transfer your whole balance will automatically close your old account. Any insurance cover or other benefits linked to your previous fund account will also cease at this time.

If you only want to transfer part of your savings in another account to your Verve Super account, simply enter the exact amount you'd like to transfer in the space provided on the rollover form. Or you can call us on 1300 799 482 or email hello@vervesuper.com.au to let us know how much you want transferred. A partial transfer may mean that you keep any insurance cover or other benefits linked to your original account. It’s best to check with the other super fund before requesting the transfer.

Can you find my old super accounts?

Yes! We run a SuperMatch search (using your tax file number) with the ATO to find your lost or inactive accounts.

You can request this search when you join Verve or at any time whilst you are a member.
If we find any additional accounts, you can choose to switch some or all of these accounts into your Verve Super account.

Consolidating your super accounts helps you keep track of your retirement savings and may help in avoiding multiple sets of fees. It’s important to consider the impact of any loss of insurance cover or other benefits before closing any super fund accounts you may have

How do I get my employer to pay to Verve Super?

When you join we’ll send you an email that you can forward to your employer. It will have all the details your employer needs to pay your super into your Verve Super account.

If you’re already a member of Verve and have just switched jobs, simply download our standard choice form and general compliance certificate, which are available via the Forms and Documents page, give these forms to your employer and direct them to the Employer page if they require further information.

Do you offer insurance?

We offer the following types of opt-in insurance covers: Death only, Death and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD), and Income Protection.

Eligible members may be able to opt-in to Death Only or Death & TPD insurance by answering a few simple questions when via the insurance link in the member portal. To apply for Income Protection insurance, please get in touch with us on 1300 799 482 or at hello@vervesuper.com.au. If you have existing cover with another super fund, you may be eligible to transfer this cover to your Verve Super account. Get in touch with us to find out.

See our Insurance Guide for all the details and consider seeking professional advice to ensure that you are making an informed choice based on your own financial objectives, situation and needs.

How do I check up on my account?

You can view your account online anytime via the member portal. You can also call 1300 799 482 or email hello@vervesuper.com.au with any questions.

What are your ethical screens?

We don’t invest our money in things that pollute, addict, or kill. Verve avoids companies involved in activities causing social or environmental harm, including detention centres, live animals exports, tobacco, armaments and more.

Instead, we seek out positive investments in industries like healthcare, education and renewable energy.

Find out more about our ethical screens via the Super page.

How do I nominate a beneficiary for my account?

A beneficiary is someone you nominate to receive the money in your super account if you pass away whilst you are a Verve Super member. You can make a binding or non-binding nomination. You'll find the relevant forms here: https://vervesuper.com.au/forms-documents/

Your binding nomination must be sent in hard copy to PO Box 909, Byron Bay NSW 2481.

Email your non-binding nomination to hello@vervesuper.com.au.

How do I make a personal contribution to top up my account?

You can make extra contributions to your super account by completing the personal contribution form available in the member portal and then making payment via direct transfer. Your personal payment details will be provided to you as you complete the form.

An annual contribution cap applies to personal contributions, and if you breach this cap, you may be required to pay additional tax. For more information, see our Additional Information Booklet. You can also call 1300 799 482 or email hello@vervesuper.com.au with any questions.

My employer is having trouble contributing to Verve Super. What can I do?

If your employer is having any troubles contributing to Verve Super, they can get in touch with us directly.

Just pass on our contact details: 1300 799 482 or hello@vervesuper.com.au.

I'm self-employed. How do I make contributions?

To contribute to your super as a self-employed person, simply complete the online Personal Contributions form available in your member portal.

To claim these contributions for tax purposes, you need to complete the notice of intent to claim or vary a deduction for personal super contributions form. You'll need to do this once per financial year for all the contributions during that financial year.

You have one year from the end of the relevant financial year within which to submit your notice of intent.

Does Verve Super allow salary sacrifice contributions?

Yes. You need to organise salary sacrifice contributions directly with your employer. They will pay your salary sacrifice when they make your regular super guarantee contributions.

Does Verve Super have a Reconciliation Action Plan?

At Verve we are committed to improving financial access and support to Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander women. We acknowledge that the first step to doing so is establishing a Reconciliation Action Plan. It is important to recognise that the gender based super gap is much greater for First Nations women than it is for non Indigenous Australian women. We seek to build the wealth of all women. Our role is not only to provide support but also to advocate on behalf of all of our members. We are in the process of developing a RAP to ensure we have the most meaningful impact within the First Nations communities of Australia.

Developing a comprehensive RAP can take time as we engage meaningfully and respectfully with communities and other supporting organisations.

If you are an Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander woman who would like to be involved in this process, please email hello@vervesuper.com.au.

Basic Super Information

What is superannuation?

Superannuation is a compulsory scheme, designed and regulated by the government to help you save for retirement. Unlike a regular savings account, your superannuation is only accessible when you reach your preservation age, which is usually the age at which you permanently retire from working or meet another specified condition of release. In most cases it is compulsory for your employer to make contributions to your superannuation account on your behalf. You can also make personal contributions to your superannuation account, if you choose to boost your savings or if you are self-employed. This money is then invested on your behalf by your super fund.

One of the benefits of super is that it is designed to be a tax effective way to save for your retirement, with contributions and investment earnings in your super fund `taxed at a lower rate than your normal earnings.

When can I access my super?

Super is intended to fund your retirement, so you can generally only access it once you have retired from working and have permanently retired from working or you have otherwise met a condition of release.

Generally, you are able to access your super if:
- You have reached your 'preservation age' and retire permanently from the workforce;
- You leave your employer after turning 60;
- You are 65 or older (whether or not you are retired); or
- You satisfy another 'condition of release'.

For information about your preservation age and other conditions of release, see the Additional Information Booklet. You can also call 1300 799 482 or email hello@vervesuper.com.au. Find out when you can access your super using Money Smart’s super and pension age calculator.

Super is an investment

The money in your super account is invested on your behalf, so it is important to make sure the way it is invested aligns with your values and long term goals.

Some things to consider are: Does your super invest in things that go against your values? Is your fund transparent about where your investments are held? Is the risk profile suitable for your needs? (Remember super is a long term investment. The money in your account may be invested for 30 years or more).

Employer contributions & tax

For people who earn more than $450 per month, their employer will make payments to their super account which is equal to 9.5% of their salary.

Many people have multiple accounts, so it is important to tell your employer about your Verve Super account if you want their contributions to be invested with us on your behalf.

Some employers pay more than the minimum 9.5%, but its not allowable for employers to pay less than this. These payments will be shown on your payslip, but most employers only transfer this money to your super fund every 3 months.

Contributions made by your employer (including salary sacrifice) are taxed at 15% (which is lower than the rate for normal earnings).

Any personal contributions you make with your after-tax income are not taxed again in your super account if they are under the non-concessional contributions cap. This is to encourage you to save more for the future.

Find out more about contributions caps here.

Can I choose my super fund?

Most people have the option of choosing their own super fund. All you need to do is provide your employer with the details of your preferred super fund.

If you don’t specify a super fund, your employer will create an account for you with their default super fund. A small number of Australians who are under Enterprise Agreements are not eligible to choose their super fund.

You will need to speak to your employer to find out if this is your situation - employers may pay into your Verve Super account even if they don’t generally allow choice.

Annual rollover program - for members who don't have choice

If you are unable to exercise choice of super fund with your employer, we run an Annual Rollover Program. Our team will help you to transfer the portion of your super that isn't required to be with your employer’s choice of fund. This ensures that as much as possible of your retirement savings are invested in line with your values.

To find out if you’re eligible for this program, call 1300 799 482 or email hello@vervesuper.com.au. This program is not available for people in defined benefit schemes and may affect insurance policies held with mandatory funds.

How does Super work for temporary residents of Australia?

If you have worked in Australia as a temporary resident and you have permanently left the country, you may be eligible to claim the super benefit you have accumulated while working here, less any tax. The payment is called a Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP). A DASP can be claimed if:
• You visit Australia on an eligible temporary resident visa; and
• Your visa ceases to be in effect (it has expired or been cancelled); and
• You leave Australia.
If you are a temporary resident and you permanently leave Australia, you have six months to claim your super benefit. If you do not claim it within this time it will be transferred to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as unclaimed money. If that happens, you will need to contact the ATO to claim it. For more information, visit the ATO website at www.ato.gov.au/super.

IMPORTANT: If you are a former temporary resident whose superannuation benefits is transferred to the ATO as unclaimed money, you will not be notified of this or receive an exit statement after the transfers occurs. We will rely on relief provided by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) Class Order [CO 09/437] which says, in effect, that superannuation trustees are not obliged to meet certain disclosure requirements in relation to non-residents that have ceased to hold an interest in the fund as a result of the payment of unclaimed superannuation to the Commissioner of Taxation. If you require any further information, contact us on 1300 799 482.