Verve Super performance

Our investment performance

Performance period Returns
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
3 Years
Since inception

This table shows Verve Super performance for the Verve Super Balanced investment option as calculated at June 30 2022. The returns shown are after variable fees and taxes have been deducted and before the fixed fee is applied. Return of capital is not guaranteed and past performance is not indicative of future performance. Verve Super’s inception date is 5 December 2018.


Balance below $5,000? We won’t charge the $60 p.a. administration fee.

These fees are the total Investment Fees, Administration Fees and Indirect Cost Ratio payable in respect of the Balanced investment option. Other fees and costs may apply to your account. Please read the PDS, AIB and TMD for the full details about how fees apply to Verve Super.

Fee or cost* Amount
Administration fee
$1.15 per week ($60 p.a.)
Balance below $5,000? We won't charge this weekly fee
0.775% p.a.
Investment fee
0.300% p.a.
Indirect cost ratio^
0.112% p.a.
Other fees & costs ~
Other fees and costs may apply.
Refer to the "Additional Explanation of Fees and Costs" in the Additional Information Booklet

This is not an annual fee. It is applied to the unit price before processing each buy and sell transaction.

This fee information is current for the 2022-2023 financial year and is subject to change. If your account balance is less than $5,000, the dollar-based administration fee will not be charged. If your account balance is less than $6,000 at the end of the financial year, the total combined amount of investment and administration fees, and indirect costs, charged to your account is capped at 3% of your account balance. Any amount that has been charged in excess of the cap will be refunded to your account. Refer to the Additional Information Booklet for more information.

The indirect cost ratio is an estimate of the investment-related costs likely to be incurred for the 2022-2023 financial year, based on the costs incurred for the previous financial year.

Other fees, such as activity fees and insurance fees may also be charged. These fees will depend on the nature of the activity or insurance chosen by you. Insurance fees and other costs relating to insurance are set out in the Insurance Guide. If you consult a financial adviser, additional fees may be payable to the adviser. You should refer to the adviser’s Statement of Advice for details.



Taking the pressure off new parents

Verve Super Performance Page - Baby Bump

Our Baby Bump Program

On parental leave? Verve members who take parental leave after the arrival of a new child, whether by birth or adoption, can apply for a rebate of the  fixed administration fee for up to 12 months.

• Available to all members, regardless of gender

• Available for parents by birth or adoption

• Available for a maximum of 12 months

Parents must have taken parental leave, or reduced their working hours.

Product information

Invested to make an impact and perform competitively

Ethical screens

Zero fossil fuels, other ethical screens & impact investments

Member benefits

Build your financial knowledge with Verve Learn


Balancing the allocation to growth and defensive assets

Balanced investment option
Ethical & Gender lens screens
Positive impact investments
Asset allocation
65% Growth
35% Defensive
Investment objectives
CPI + 2.5% p.a.
Over rolling ten-year period (after fees and taxes)

Got Questions?

Is Verve regulated?

Superannuation is a highly regulated industry and Verve Super is an APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) compliant fund. This means Verve meets all the regulations required of Australian super funds. We are also supported by some very experienced service providers, including those who have been in the industry for over 20 years.

How long does it take for my super to transfer from my old account to my Verve account?

Once you have requested to transfer your super to your Verve account, the process takes between 3-28 days. We’ll send you an email confirming when the transfer is complete. Please get in touch if you would like to confirm the status of your transfer.

How do Verve’s investments perform?

You can see our most recent returns here. Verve is an ethical super fund with a commitment to building the retirement savings of our members. Ethical investment outperforms mainstream investment over all time periods, according to the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA). Why? Because companies that look after people and the planet perform better over the long term. You can view the RIAA’s recent report here.

Do men work at Verve?

Verve is led by a team of women. But of course, we don’t work in a bubble! We work in collaboration with people (men, women and non-binary folk) from a number of service providers and teams who support the day-to-day running of a superannuation fund. Our fund manager, for example, is one of Australia’s most progressive and inclusive teams in the industry, with a commitment to improving diversity in fund management as well as strict transparency around pay equality.

How do I access the Baby Bump Program while on parental leave?

To support Verve Super members of any gender or expression who have recently become new parents, whether by birth or adoption, we provide a rebate of the fixed administration fee for up to 12 months through Verve’s Baby Bump Program. Contact us for information and to let us know you’ve recently welcomed a new child into your family. If you would like, Verve can also support you to make a request to your employer to ask them to keep paying your super during your parental leave.

How does Verve support low balance members?

To support members with low super balances, Verve does not charge the fixed administration fees on balances less than $5,000. 

To support women to build wealth, Verve provides financial coaching to all members through the Verve Academy. With a commitment to agitate for change, the Verve community is working to facilitate broader change to make the retirement system fairer for all Australians, particularly those with lower balances.

Can Verve give me personal financial advice?

No, Verve is not authorised to provide personal financial advice. All information provided is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation, objectives or needs. You should consider whether the information is appropriate for your needs, and where appropriate, seek advice from a professional adviser.

How can my partner contribute to my super? Or how can I contribute to my partner’s super?

There are several benefits for sharing your super with your partner. And there are two ways that spouses can contribute to each other’s superannuation:

1. Contribution splitting is where your spouse applies to their super fund with a request to transfer across a certain amount of their super into your superannuation account to boost your balance. The process for this includes your spouse contacting their super fund to request a transfer form. Some funds use the ATO Spousal Contribution Splitting Form.

If you’d like to split super from your Verve Super account into your partner’s super account, you’ll need to complete the Contribution Splitting Form and return the completed form to us via email to

If you want to apply to split personal contributions that you intend to claim a tax deduction for, please download and complete the ATO’s Notice of Intent to Claim or Vary a Deduction for Personal Super Contributions form and return the completed form to us via email to You’ll need to do this before you lodge the Contributions Splitting Form. Please refer to the ATO checklist, which details the process and how you go about claiming a tax deduction if you intend to do so.

2. Spousal contribution is when your spouse makes a payment directly to your Verve Super account  — such as a bank transfer. You and your spouse will need to complete the Spouse Contribution Form and return the completed form to us via email to

This article has more information: Super isn’t fair for stay at home parents. Here is how to even it up. If you have further questions, the ATO’s website has explanations on spouse contributions and superannuation splitting.

How do I change my address or personal details?

Your mobile number and residential address can be updated via the online member portal. 

Please contact us to update your email address.

If you need to amend or update your name or date of birth, you will need to provide us with the following documentation 

  • A completed Change of Details Form, signed with an original, ‘wet’ signature
  • A certified copy of ID
  • A certified copy of documentation showing the change in name, e.g. deed poll, official change in name certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce certificate, etc.

Please refer to the Certified ID Fact Sheet for information about who is eligible to certify your ID and documents. This fact sheet also includes detailed instructions on how ID and documents should be certified. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us.

How do I apply for Income Protection Insurance?

To apply for income protection insurance, please complete the Insurance Application Form and return it via email to or post to PO Box 909, Byron Bay, NSW, 2481.