The Ultimate Baby & Money Guide

A practical and easy to follow money guide for growing families from Verve CEO & Co-Founder Christina Hobbs

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Starting or growing your family is exciting and a little overwhelming. That’s where this guide comes in.

Verve Co-Founder & CEO (and Mum) Christina Hobbs has written a step by step guide, from her own lessons, to help sort your finances with a new baby. Register for the guide now. 

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What’s covered in the guide?

Step 1 –  Getting clear on your spending habits & budgeting

Creating a budget & figuring out what you actually need (or don’t) during pregnancy and after bub is born.


Step 2 – Your financial entitlements

The range of financial support payments available to parents in Australia and the criteria to understand what you’re entitled to.


Step 3 – Protecting your super

The options for supporting your long term financial stability while your capacity to receive or pay yourself super is put on hold in the short term.


Step 4 – Health & life insurance

Insurance is so important but is often overlooked. The guide includes a list of insurances to think about and handy tips on how to tackle them. 


Step 5 – Wills & estate planning

If something happens, a will could spare your loved ones from a drawn-out legal process.


Step 6 – Having solid money discussions

A few conversation starters to help tackle money discussions with your partner and employer. 

How Verve supports parents


A fee rebate

Members who take parental leave after the arrival of a new child can apply for a rebate of the annual fixed admin fee for up to 12 months.


Wills & Estate Coach

A wills and estate coach to help you identify a good approach to your own wills and estate planning. 



Employer chat

If you would like, Verve will contact your employer, or support you, to ask them to keep paying your super during your parental leave.


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Fee pause for members
Members who take parental leave can apply for a rebate of the annual fixed admin fee for up to 12 months. 
Wills & estate coach A wills & estate coach to help identify a good approach to your own will and estate planning
Employer chat
Verve can contact your employer, or support you, to ask them to keep paying super during parental leave

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