Investing Spotlight: Artesian

by Verve

At Verve, we believe in radical transparency and investing for good. That’s why we want to show you all of the amazing companies you can be invested in with your superannuation. 

While it can be common to feel powerless in the face of great global challenges like climate change, the reality is that women in Australia already control over $1.2 trillion in wealth through their superannuation and other assets. That’s more than enough to fund our economy’s transition away from fossil fuels to renewables by 2050, many times over. Now that’s the kind of system we want to be part of.

This month, meet: Artesian Green and Sustainable Bond Fund (the Fund) — a diversified portfolio of green, sustainable, and social corporate bonds issued by global companies. Let’s find out more about them.

Why we love the Fund

A Certified B Corporation, Artesian is a leader in both carbon efficiency and gender equity. 100 per cent of their fund holdings have women on the board, and 85 per cent have more than one woman on the board. You love to see it. Not only that, but the Fund has also:

  • Saved over 101,732,416 litres of water 
  • Financed 7,070 square metres of energy efficient infrastructure
  • Provided 39,721 people with access to water and sanitation
  • Supported 302,292 trips made on clean and sustainable transportation

Their dedicated investment managers have strict impact monitoring practices and screening processes. With a zero-tolerance policy for direct investment in the production of tobacco, alcohol, pornography, weapons, palm oil, gaming equipment, and exploration or production of fossil fuels, this is what we mean by investing for good. 

Want to find out more about what you’re invested in through Verve Super?

For too long, finance companies and super funds have been about making money at any cost. Verve is here to fix that. We want you to be truly inspired by your superannuation and investing journey; to look back one day and be proud of how you invested, and proud of how you chose to build wealth for a brighter future for all.

Find out more about ethical investing and be sure to download the latest copy of Verve Super’s Investment Universe.

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