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Why Women

Australian women retire with an average of 47% less savings than men.

That’s not good enough. So we’re focusing all of our attention on closing the gap.

The reasons behind the ‘retirement gap’ are complex, and therefore require dedicated attention to solve. That’s why at Verve, we focus 100% of our resources, services and attention to building the wealth* and financial power of women.

*wealth: an abundance of what you value in your life.

Men lead 93% of Australian financial service companies, and the service is not meeting the needs of women.

Historically, the business model of our financial services industry was conceived by men to meet the needs of their primary customers – also men.

It’s no wonder women feel that services are not tailored to their needs. At Verve, we know the power of tailoring services and financial guidance to the needs of women. Our Head Financial Coach, Zoe Lamont has seen thousands of women transform their money and their mindset through her Award Winning programmes.

Australian women don’t trust the ethics of the people managing our money.

Collectively, women consider financial service companies to be the least trustworthy industry and the industry with the worst ethics. A lack of trust in services providers is the main barrier to women seeking professional assistance and advice.

Our hidden super power… by 2025 Australian women will hold 1.5 trillion in superannuation.

Our members join forces to invest in companies building a bright future for women, our community and our planet. At Verve we know that ethical companies and funds outperform the market over the long term, so there is no reason to compromise values for returns.

 It’s time to flex our super power.

What we do differently

Verve is the only superannuation fund in Australia dedicating 100% of our resources, services, focus and attention to serving women.

Services for women, by women

From free financial guidance and coaching, to fee breaks for members on carers leave, our services are tailored for women and delivered by women.

Ethical investments, ethical people

Our team are committed to building the financial power of women and a better world. At Verve there is no need to compromise your values for returns. Because we know that over time, ethical investments outperform the market.

Agitators for change

With the power of our community, we agitate for change to support financial equality and to build wealth for all women.

Oh and just quietly...

Superannuation funds with 30% of women in leadership have outperformed male-dominated funds by $7 billion over the past three years :-)