Meet Alysia Laird — Verve Support Squad Member

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When becoming a parent, everyone is quick to give you advice on sleep cycles, feeding choices, and baby routines, but not many people talk about the financial impact that having a child can create. Alysia Laird is an experienced financial planner and as a member of the Verve Support Squad, she is here to assist you with all your family-focused financial needs.

With over 15 years in the industry, Alysia can help Verve members adjust budgets to reflect lifestyle changes, redirect savings’ goals to assist with managing life with children, and make the most out of parental leave policies financially.

After taking a break from the paid workforce to care for her two daughters, Alysia personally understands the financial changes and responsibilities that come with being a parent.

As the founder of Zebra Tailored Wealth, Alysia knows that no two people or financial situations are exactly the same. Alysia has previously worked with two of Australia’s largest financial institutions and has a wealth of knowledge to share with Verve members.

Embarking into the finance world as a new graduate, Alysia initially only had one female client. This client worked in a largely male-dominated industry and had a relatively low income. Yet, after supporting the client with the right information and financial tools Alysia watched as she tenaciously and diligently went after her savings goals. A pattern emerged with other women Alysia worked with — the more support she gave them, the further they went with it. This has motivated Alysia to want to help more women take control and build their wealth.

With her wealth of experience, our Family-Focused Financial Coach has the tools to help women, and new parents, get on track for their own money goals.

If you are a Verve Super member, Alysia can assist you to understand:

  • The financial implications of new family members and how to adjust budgets
  • How to financially prepare for changes in your family situation
  • How to reset your individual financial goals towards family goals
  • How to identify opportunities and approaches for achieving financial equity in relationships
  • How to assess your insurance needs to protect your loved ones

Alysia’s written some tips for Verve members to help get you started on setting your family up for financial success, you can have a squiz here.

If you are an active Verve member and you can book a time with Support Squad member Alysia here.



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